What to Look for in a Team of New Home Builders

new home builders

When it comes to new home builders, choosing the right team for you can be a difficult process. There are many home builders out there, and knowing who to choose for the job can be an extremely difficult task. Especially when you’ve been thinking about building your dream home for quite some time. At Built […]

What are the Best Green Building Materials?

green building materials

Using environmentally conscious and green materials during home construction has become a huge trend in the construction industry. And these green building materials are being used more and more during new home construction projects specifically. There are tons of green building materials to choose from, but determining which is best for your future home can […]

What You Should Know About Financing Your New Home Build

financing your new home build

With today’s housing market and low-interest rates, the price of homes in many areas has skyrocketed. So instead of competing with the other people looking for a new home, you may be thinking about building a new home. However, as you begin to shop around and make plans for this home there are a few […]

What is Luxury Home Building

luxury home building

A luxury home is a home that is valued within the top 10% of properties on the local market. They tend to be large in size, located in prime areas, constructed and finished with high-end materials, and designed with appealing and unique architectural details and amenities. And once you have decided to embark on the […]