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Where We Build Award-Winning Custom Homes

If you are wondering where we build our award winning homes, you have come to the right place! Our primary focus areas for new home construction is shown to the right. Being located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we primarily build throughout the greater Fredericksburg Region as well as other Metropolitan D.C. suburbs and surrounding counties. If you are located in a city/county in the Commonwealth of Virginia that isn’t listed, no need to worry! If we can make it work our team is willing to build your custom home in nearly any area throughout Virginia.

It’s a major decision to hire one of the many Spotsylvania Custom Home Builders instead of purchasing a home already built in the county. Potential homebuyers must weigh the benefits of a professionally built home against buying a pre-owned using a realtor. While both have their unique advantages, there are specific benefits to a custom-built home.

When we say custom, we mean it. From consultation, to design, to build and finish we make sure our clients are satisfied by any means nessiciary. We have collected the right resources to create the perfect one-stop-shop for the entire custom home building experience. 

When you build with Built Right Homes you can be assured that quality is our top priority. We provide the best in industry craftsmanship using top-notch materials to deliver the highest quality possible in the custom home building industry.

Prince William Custom Home Builders

We work with you through every step of the process of developing custom homes, from financing to design to final inspection, so you’re able to make informed decisions that maximize your budget.

Features that may be considered ‘extras’ or ‘upgrades’ for other builders are our standard at Built Right Homes. Our custom built homes come chock-full of exterior, interior and general features that make choosing Built Right to build your next custom home and easy decision.

When you have a specific vision for your home, we do our absolute best to deliver. We’re used to rolling with the punches and going above and beyond to make sure that your property is designed exactly to your liking.

We make sure to answer all of your questions, connect you with the right lenders, create the perfect home design, am stay connected with you through everything.

All it takes is a call to get the ball rolling. If you have questions and want to chat, reach out at any time for a no-obligation consultation.

We never rush to close; instead, we take the time needed to make sure that everything is perfect before you move in. This includes a detailed walk-throughs, double and triple checking that everything is safe, clean, and up to our high standards.

You can reach out at any time throughout your custom home building process, so you’re always in-the-loop when it comes to the progress on your home.

Hanover Custom Home Builders

We’ll discuss everything from design to timelines, and then lay out realistic expectations for how the development and construction of your home will progress.

Let us help you make your dream home become reality! Contact us today for more information about our custom building services.