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Want to Sell Your Land?

We'll Buy it and Sell it!

Have you been struggling to sell your plot of land? Well, our team at Built Right Home is interested in buying your land to build homes on! 

Ready to sell your land?

We will buy your land at the price you want (and we will even pay cash). We have tons of clients interested in custom-built homes! However, they are struggling to find land to do so. This is why we are interested in buying land from you! 

Our team is skilled in the development, clearing, and selling of land and our services will also help to increase the value of the plot too! 

Find out how much your lot or land is worth!

Whatever your situation, we will buy your land so you can move on with your life and leave the plot behind. We understand your desire to move fast and to sell your land quickly. Because of this we work with you to ensure we close on your timeline.

When you sell your land to our team at Built Right Homes you can:

  • Trust in local builders and real estate agents
  • Pay no closing costs or agent commissions
  • Receive friendly, professional service

Contact us for more information about our process of buying land and how we can work together to sell your land for the price you want! 

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