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What To Know Before Your Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

The kitchen is often times the heart of the home. However, if your kitchen is poorly designed functionality wise or doesn’t match your aesthetic, it can be hard to find the motivation to spend time in the kitchen cooking and gathering with your family. If this is the case, you may be considering a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation.

Before you begin the process it is important to keep in mind that a kitchen remodel can be overwhelming. This is why our team at Built Right Home has come up with the perfect guide to make your kitchen remodel and renovation as stress free as possible.

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

Before you begin getting quotes from builders and other professionals for your remodeling project you will want to determine what your dream kitchen looks like. This goes beyond just visual aspects and also includes how you want the space to function. You probably have a few ideas already in regards to special features you’d like to include but you will also have to determine whether or not you prefer the look of a modern kitchen over the look of a more rustic or traditional kitchen. Do you want to have classic white colors versus something bold?

Determining the look and feel of the space before contacting someone to take on the kitchen remodel and renovation will ensure that your quote is as accurate as possible and you can rest assured that your kitchen will be exactly the way you want it when the remodel is complete. Pinterest can be great for this but don’t forget to be realistic about what designs will be right for your home

Take Note of your Kitchen Remodel and Renovation Requirements

After you determine what you would like your dream kitchen to include it’s important to look at your space with a critical eye. You will want to keep your lifestyle in mind and think of the features you like in your current kitchen and the features that you want to get rid of. More importantly, you will have to determine the size of your remodel and your budget. Are you going to want to do a full scale remodel or does your budget only allow you to renovate a portion of your kitchen?

kitchen remodel

Being realistic with your budget is very important. A smaller kitchen remodel project can be anywhere from $10,000-$15,000. And while that may sound very expensive, this estimate typically includes upgrading your sink, installing a backsplash, refacing cabinets, and painting your walls. If your budget is around $30,000 your remodel can include installing custom cabinets, high end appliances, stone countertops, and hardwood floors.

Steps Included in a Kitchen Remodel

Determine What you Need

Very similarly to looking at your kitchen with a critical eye, deciding what you really need to be included in the renovation versus what you want, will help you narrow down the direction you want your kitchen to go. Options for your kitchen remodel and renovation are limitless, deciding if more storage is important to you, or if you need more space to entertain will help you narrow down what is a need and what is a want!

Some questions that you can ask yourself include:

Solidify Your Budget

After you have determined the needs of your kitchen remodel you can then cement your budget. A typical remodel costs around $22,000 in the United States. But how do you know what your kitchen remodel should realistically cost? A good rule of thumb is to spend about 5% to 15% of the total value of your home on the remodel. For example, if your home is worth $500,000 a good investment in your renovation would be 10% of that, which would be $50,000.

Manage Your Costs By Area

It can be difficult to determine how to allocate your budget and decide how much should go to each design aspect so as a general rule of thumb a typical renovation budget should look like this:

Remember that this breakdown isn’t something set in stone. You can always add more to a certain category and take some away from another. Make sure to allocate more of your budget to the things that are most important to you

Things to Remember During your Kitchen Remodel

Before you meet with your team of builders there are a few things that you should know and to remember before you schedule your renovation.

Living Without a Kitchen is Going to be Unpleasant

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you hang out each morning and brew your coffee, serve your kids breakfast, and honestly, you use it much more than you realize. Taking a moment to mentally prepare for this shift in your daily routine is very important as you begin your renovations.

Choose your Sink and Other Appliances Early On

kitchen remodel

If you are installing new appliances it is important for you to do this early on. Appliances will have a huge implication on the layout which is why it is important to measure not just their width but also the depth. Making sure that there is enough clearance for circulation, door openings, drawer openings, etc. will help make sure that your new kitchen functions properly and makes life easier versus more difficult.

Make One Stand Out Design Choice

You want your kitchen to have some personality, however, you don’t want it to be overwhelming. Choose one feature that will stand out, like a fun backsplash, or a unique tile design for the floor to add character but not overwhelm the rest of the area.

Let Built Right Homes Help with your Kitchen Remodel Needs

The most important thing to know about your remodel or renovation is that you don’t have to tackle it on your own! Our team at Built Right Homes is skilled in all things kitchen remodeling and we can help you design, create, and build your dream kitchen. Contact us today for more information about our remodeling and renovation services!