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Design Guides – Lighting

How many Pendants over the kitchen island? What size Chandelier in the Foyer? The Dining Room? The Family Room? These are the questions that keep you up at night when designing a new home. I hope the information here will help guide you to your best lighting choices for your new Built Right Home and hopefully prevent anymore sleepless nights. Remember we are always here to help.


The number of pendants will be largely based on the length of your kitchen island, but none of this absolute. For a two pendant island I would suggest a 12” to 14” wide pendant. Your design may need, or you may just desire larger pendants. You may really want three pendants over a smaller island, so to accommodate this look you would then need three 8” wide pendants.


Place a too small chandelier and it will be lost in your room. A too large chandelier, and oh my that’s all you will see. So how do you pick the perfect width and height of your new chandelier? I am about to reveal the magic formulas…

To determine the correct width for your chandelier, add the dimensions of your room (Length + Width). Use this total as the minimum width for your new chandelier.

Example: If the room is 20’L + 20’ W = 40’ THEN you would need at least a 40” wide chandelier.

Notice I say minimum, because if you have a great big tall ceiling in your family you could go wider with your chandelier. And it probably should be a statement piece of your design!

Now you must determine the best height for your new chandelier. Ceiling height will make a big difference in selecting the correct size chandelier; so whether your ceiling height is 9’, 12’ or even 25’ in your new Built Right Home this next magic formula will provide you the guidance to select the perfect height for your chandelier.

To determine the correct height for your chandelier, multiply the height of the room by 2.5 and the result will be the minimum height for your new chandelier.

Example: If the ceiling height is 9’. 9 x 2.5 = 22.5 THEN you would need a minimum height of 22.5” for the chandelier.